Initiation package

You would like to glide in the air on your own, we can teach you hang gliding, and this Initiation packgage will lead you to your first solo flights with radio assistance.


Practice on slopes with a glider to learn basics of take-of, landing and piloting.

Theory of flying mecanics, meteorology etc……

Tandem flights for training.

A few solo flights the last week-end.


The course has been extended this year to 7 days in order to release the students with a relevant flying experience and not only one flight. It also allows to progress slowly for those who need a bit more time to master the handling of the glider.


No special physical requirements, You just need to be able to run comfortably on a slope and be to hold 25 Kg (50 lbs) on your shoulders without collapsing.


750 €


Hang gliding flying school in the french alps