Tandem Flights/Discovery day


Experience the feeling of flying and discover the impressive site of St Hilaire du Touvet  from the sky, with a certified and  local pilot. Deltateam proposes two different packages for tandem flights:


A few steps forward and you are in the air. Explore the St Hilaire’ s clifs as a birds do, and enjoy a calm flight of 8-15 minutes.

Price:                                    100€


Take your first flying lesson during a 15-30 min flight. you will experience thermal flying, an initiation to  aerobatic, and maybe even have the oportunity to lead the glider!!

Price:                                   130€


Make a tour of at least 30 minutes above the village of St Hilaire and appreciate the view from above. Aerobatic and piloting can also be part of the flight for you, and you will leave with the full set of photos/video from your flight.

Price:                                 170€ including photo/video


Discovery day:

Discovery day is for you if you want to have a first learning experience. In the morning you will do, with the other students, some test runs on small sloops alone under the glider. It will allow you to be initiated to the handling of the wing and to the basics of piloting. And then in the afternoon, you will make a tandem flight and taste the real thing with one of our professional pilots next to you.


Price:                             160€

Photo and Video:

If you would like to keep a souvenir, we can take HD pictures and video of your flight an hand it to you on an SD card.

Price:                                    20€


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